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You don't have time for unscheduled downtime, and a broken down truck that has a load of your customers cargo on it is a headache that you really don't need. That's why you want to keep your equipment in top condition, and that starts with a repair facility you can trust.

At Addison Truck & Trailer Repair, we realize that knowing how to perform the repair is important, but preventing that repair, or spotting a problem before it leaves you on the side of the road is top priority, and that requires a maintenance plan.

Through a preventative maintenance plan, Problems can be caught before they become a bigger issue. Whether that issue is a larger, more expensive repair, or a downed unit on the side of the road because of a mechanical or non compliance issue.


The price of downtime

We know that the cost of downtime is not just measured in dollars lost immediately.

Although the price of wages for a driver to stay with an out of service unit, and tow charges are some of the easy to calculate costs of a downed unit, the more difficult costs to figure are the loss of confidence that your customer may have in your ability to deliver, as will as the extra stresses put on your workforce being stuck in a unit that will not do what you need it to.